How does it work?

Anglo Content is a secure, easy-to-use online platform connecting
international buyers with talented native English writers
to create a wide range of quality content.

How does it work for Buyers?

Whether you need an inspirational blog post for your business, SEO product descriptions for your eCommerce store, or even an entire website copy overhaul – you’ve landed in the right place! Here at Anglo Content you’ll find a wealth of talented and passionate content creators ready and waiting to take on your writing projects of any size in over 50 categories. There are two ways you can engage the services of Anglo Content’s writers, editors and translators – post a Project or buy an Offer directly.


Post a Project

If you want to receive proposals from the writers on the platform so you can evaluate who would be the best fit for your task, all you need to do is post a Project.
Simply give it a title, a brief description, then set a budget and a deadline. That’s it! Sit back and wait for the proposals to roll in.


Buy an Offer

You can also buy an Offer directly from a Seller. Browse the wide selection of Offers, check Seller profiles, ratings, feedback from other Buyers and their work portfolio.
You can even add any extras and discuss the project in greater detail with them before making the decision to hire them.


Full project management

Anglo Content gives you the ability to have complete control over your project from start to finish, whether you choose to post a Project or buy an Offer directly.
You can use the in-built messaging system to communicate with the Seller, send them any relevant files and get updates throughout the project.


Approve the work

Once the Seller has completed the work, they will send it to you for review. Ensure the content meets your standards and requirements, and request revisions if needed. When the project has been finalised, you can then leave feedback for the Seller, and the payment will be securely credited to them for withdrawal.

How does it work for Sellers?


Create Offers & send Project proposals

Sellers can collaborate with Buyers in two different ways – by creating an Offer or sending proposals to Projects.

To create an Offer, give it a title and a description, set the price and turnaround time. Buyers can then browse your Offers and buy them directly.

You can also search the platform for custom Projects that have been created by Buyers. If you feel you’re a good fit for the task, simply send them a proposal highlighting why you’re the best person for the task!


It’s time to get to work!

We know that content creators love what they do, and this platform gives Sellers the ability to earn a living doing it.

Once you’ve been hired for a project, whether a Buyer has bought one of your Offers or through an accepted proposal, you can get to work.

Fulfil the order to the best of your ability, ensuring you stick closely to the initial brief delivered to you by the Buyer. If you have any questions, be sure to seek clarification from the Buyer as soon as possible.


Deliver quality content on time

After you’ve crossed the Ts and dotted the Is, ensure you send the completed content to the Buyer on or before the deadline.

The Buyer then has 72 hours to review the work you’ve delivered to them for the order and request revisions from you if necessary

When the buyer is happy with the final result, they will approve the project and you will be able to leave a review for each other. Your account will also be credited with the project funds so you can withdraw it.

Ready to start your content adventure?