High-Quality Product Descriptions from Native English Product Description Writers

Every product has a story to tell. When that story is exciting and captivating, it starts to build desire.

Great product descriptions give consumers accurate product details but then go one step further and make those details real to life with compelling language and personalised writing.

Consumers are interested in your products, they’re on your site browsing, now it’s time to seal the deal with killer product descriptions designed to inform and convert.

Expert product description copywriters create professional, descriptive content with results that can send your sales through the roof.

Outsource Product Description Writing: How Can Your Business Benefit?

Product descriptions influence buying behaviour in a similar way to how a beautiful store display would. They’re responsible for giving your customers the best possible buying experience and convincing consumers that your products are exactly what they’re looking for – ultimately leading to high conversion rates.

There are many reasons to optimise your product descriptions with fresh, tailored content:

  • Attract Consumers – 87% of customers believe that product content is important when making a purchase
  • Boost Sales – Incorrect or incomplete content has stopped 98% of shoppers from making a purchase
  • Increase Your Audience – 87% of retail purchases in the UK are made online
  • Reduce Product Returns – Half of shoppers have sent back a product they ordered online because it wasn’t the same as the product description
  • Optimise Descriptions – 76% of shoppers believe product specifications are important, 71% think reviews are important, and 38% want sales information

Excellent product descriptions will set your business apart from the crowd, establish you as a trustworthy brand, and increase your sales.

Highlight the Best of Your Products with Talented Product Description Copywriters

Great descriptions bring out the value in every product by highlighting what makes it unique, but they’re not all about specifications! Descriptions should be exciting, engaging, and capitalise on the opportunity to showcase your products in the best light. Here’s what effective product description copywriting involves:

  • Unique and descriptive content
  • Prioritisation of key product features
  • Strategic SEO content writing
  • Writing tailored to the target audience
  • Interesting and informative language
  • Clear understanding of products
  • Accurate product specifications
  • Effective structure and formatting

Product description writing can make or break consumer interest. To increase sales and give consumers the information they need to make an informed decision, it’s important to nail your product descriptions.

Anglo Content: Product Description Writing That Makes an Impact

Every product description is a unique opportunity to get creative – something that our creative copywriters are all too familiar with! Our professional freelance product description writers get to know your target audience, the purpose of your product, and its best features, to create product descriptions with fresh, original content.

Bulk Product Description Writing

Need to hire product description writer teams? Anglo Content allows you to create your own team for projects of every size.

Local Expertise and Area Knowledge

Give your product description writing an edge over the competition with local expertise and area knowledge that you can only achieve with English writers.

Outsource Content to a Reliable Team

Creating a consistent tone and single format couldn’t be easier with the reliable product description copywriters at Anglo Content.

Find Copywriters Familiar with Your Products

When you outsource product descriptions to Anglo Content writers, you outsource content to native English writers who are familiar with popular products and services in English-speaking countries.

Best the competition and buy product descriptions from writers that know how to show your product’s value through creative and accurate descriptions.