Privacy Policy

Contained here are privacy practices disclosed within the company Anglo Content Limited statement concerning our website, which is

Collectively, the terms “we,” “us,” and “our” in this statement refer to Anglo Content Limited. 

Your privacy is something we consider very important. This policy is intended to boost your confidence and faith in the privacy and security of any information, such as personal details, that we could collect. It does not matter whether you are uploading information, downloading information, or simply visiting our website. 

The Kind Of Information That We Collect

There are different reasons why we may not only collect but also process your personal data. It could be because you have given us the data yourself, or because other persons or applications made the data accessible to us (like the case of services providers who are third parties and who we use to run our website), or if your data is already available publicly.

We may obtain or collect different types of personal data available to us including, but not limited to: your name, date of birth, gender, age, home address, email address, social circumstances and lifestyle preferences, country of residence, education details and employment, the job title you hold, IP address, access times, browser language and type, details regarding how you utilize our services and products, information regarding the way you prefer to interact with us and all such kind of information. 

We may get your information from you if:

  1. You provide it when you fill out the forms provided on our website. The forms may be filled during registration or subscription to any services. We also get your information when you send us messages or even posts on the site, give reviews, request our services, or receive or make payments and complete transactions via your Anglo Content account. 
  2. We ask you to send us information after making a report regarding a concern or issue we receive or have a query or complaint regarding you (whether there has been any formal dispute or not). 
  3. There are any projects or transaction details that you perform through our website. 
  4. There has been correspondence between us. We may choose to keep a record of the same.
  5. We request you to complete and participate in surveys used for research, even though you are not obligated to respond to such requests. 
  6. We communicate through messages, meaning you receive messages from us, or you send messages to us through the messaging system that include, and without limitation, when you received or sent a message and all the contents of the said message. The messages received or sent are not confidential or private. 

There are instances where we can process your personal data after collection from some other sources, such as:

  1. Personal data may be obtained or collected from you because we infer or observe such data about you from how you interact with others or from any projects you may undertake. A good example is cookies that help us improve your personal experience when using our website. It is meant to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. Cookies may be used by our service providers or by us. Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser. We may use web beacons as well, and they may collect your personal data. If you need more information regarding our tracking technologies, such as cookies and how they can be controlled, it can be accessed below.
  2. There are times when the information provided by you can be supplemented with what we receive from different third parties. Examples include PayPal, search information providers, credit reference agencies, and other companies (subject to applicable laws and other privacy policies they have put in place). From accounts that we may believe you are in control of (partially or in whole). 
  3. Third parties may provide us with your personal data like service providers. In such cases, we ensure that all the privacy regulations and laws regarding that information are complied with fully by the third party. For example, we ensure that you have been notified about the collection of such information (among other matters) and that consent has been obtained as necessary (where applicable) to collect and process such information as we have described within this statement. We may use personal data to get some feedback about the kind of experience you have had when using our platform. In this way, we are in a position to grow as a business by assembling useful, reliable information for our users. 

How We Use Your Personal Data

Your personal data will only be used to help fulfil any requests you have made. If there is a need for us to send you any information, we do so through email or SMS. We always ask for relevant and adequate data for such purposes; we never ask for more than we need. We may ask for personal data for the following reasons:

  1. When we have new services and products being offered, we may make contact with you occasionally.
  2. If we have updates on different issues that may interest you, we can send you regular updates on the same.
  3. If you have requested specific information regarding our services and products, we may send it.
  4. Your personal data may be used for market research or marketing purposes.
  5. Your personal data may be used internally to ensure you are provided with services that we offer through our website, help with services improvement, and administration of the website.
  6. Your personal data can also be used to manage information and make it available to some third-party service providers (such as due diligence service providers or to help support information technology) and our affiliates. 
  7. Your personal data may also be used to let you participate in various interactive features related to our services only when you willingly choose to.
  8. Your personal data may be used to send you notifications regarding changes to terms and conditions, our services, our website, or our policies. 
  9. Your personal data may manage any risk or remediate, prevent, detect, and/or investigate potentially prohibited or illegal activities or suspected fraud. 
  10. Your personal data may also be used under applicable regulatory or legal requirements or to help respond to communications and requests from competent authorities (such as tribunals and courts).
  11. Your personal data may also be used for any/some services that we may receive from different professional advisors like consultants, accountants, and lawyers. 
  12. Your personal data may also be used to help us protect the rights of our affiliates, our clients, and ourselves. 

Any information that we request from you is not mandatory. If you provide us with such information, it may be impossible for us to return, protect, or identify your assets.

Legality Of Processing Your Personal Information

Without valid legal grounds, we are not free to process any personal information. For this reason, your personal information will only be processed by us for the purposes that have been outlined above. This is because of:

  • The legitimate interests that we have in performing activities that are a part of our business operation.
  • The legitimate interests that we have in operating our business lawfully and effectively.
  • The regulatory and legal obligations that we have to adhere to, like keeping our records for purposes of tax or giving such personal information to law enforcement agencies or a public body.
  • Your personal information is needed to carry out an activity that is a part of our business operations (like a case where processing is needed to perform any contractual obligations, we may have towards you).

“Legitimate interests” examples as referred to above

  1. Benefiting from cost-effective services (for example, we may choose some IT platforms that suppliers offer).
  2. Verifying information accuracy as provided by third parties.
  3. Preventing criminal activity or fraud.
  4. Safeguarding security of our networks, architecture, physical premises, and IT systems.
  5. Exercising the rights we have as stipulated in 16 and 17 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. This includes the right to property and the freedom to do business. 

If we process any of your sensitive personal data for any of the outlined purposes above, we may do so because:

  1. The law requires us to do so to meet some obligations like anti-money laundering and ‘know your client’ (or any other legal obligations that we may be obligated to follow).
  2. Processing is needed for us to carry out obligations that are under social protection, social security, and employment law.
  3. Processing data is needed for the defence, establishment, or exercise of any legal claims.
  4. You made such data public. 

Website & Email Security

We maintain several physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards regarding the collection, storage, and disclosure of any personal details. There are different security procedures we maintain, signifying that, at times, we may request identity evidence before we can disclose personal data. We never share customer details with third parties or store credit card details. 

There are specific security standards to ensure that your personal information is not accessed unauthorized. We cannot guarantee the security of information or personal data carried over the internet or through email. Unless secure encryption is enacted, it can be corrupted, lost, intercepted, or redirected by others. 

Cookies & Log Files

Our website can place text files cookies within your computer browser files. These cookies provide you with information specially tailored for you from our website. There is no registration information contained in the cookie. It is possible to adjust your internet settings to know each time you are receiving cookies. This allows you to either accept or decline the same. We may also record information sent by your browser when you visit different websites. This includes information like your IP address. We also use different technical methods to help with tracking, including effective web beacons. The technical methods are also used for traffic patterns analysis on our website, like how frequently our users visit specific parts of the website. The technical methods usually involve information transmission to us directly or to any other part that we have authorized to collect such information for us. Information may be collected using technical methods. This information should be in a form that is identifiable personally. For security and privacy protection, reasonable steps need to be taken (such as asking for a password) to identify yourself before you can make corrections or access your profile. It is your responsibility to maintain the account information and password secrecy. 

Opting Out

When our website is used to make a purchase, you, the buyer, may get some additional information occasionally about special deals, products, newsletters, and other services. If you do not wish to get promotional offers or newsletters from our advertising partners, you can always opt-out of getting the offers by simply unsubscribing or writing to us. You may also contact us directly when you want to opt-out. 

You should note that we may have affiliate links on our site, and if you click on them for proposes making a purchase, we will not retain your personal information like your email address. However, the checkout site might, and if you don’t want to receive any promotional materials, you will have to contact them directly.

Links To Other Sites & Third-Party Advertisers

We may allow some advertising companies to advertise on our website. This may be based on demographic, text, usage, or other information gathered on our behalf or by us. The advertisers’ activities are not under our control. Note that this privacy policy does not apply to advertisers. It only applies to our website and not other websites that we might link to.

Data Security

We use commercially reasonable, technical, managerial, and physical safeguards to preserve the security and integrity of any personal information. However, we cannot ensure any information security you provide to us. Doing so is at your own risk. When the information is received, we put all reasonable commercial efforts into ensuring our systems are secure. However, this does not guarantee that a breach of our managerial, technical, and physical safeguards does not alter, access, destroy or disclose your information. 

Social Media

On our website, there may be features such as plugins that may integrate social media platforms of third parties on the website to help us improve our offers and make things interesting for the users. These can be manually activated. If you activate them, it means that you can be identified by the third parties operating the platforms, and they may also be capable of determining the manner in which you use our website. The information may then be linked to your social media platform. It is important to consult the laid-out policies on data protection from the medial social platforms if you want to understand how they use your personal data. Should you activate any plugins or any other features, the risk falls entirely on you, and we don’t influence the data that will be collected and processed. We will also have no way of telling the extent of all the data collected, the purpose of the same, or how long it will be stored. 

Your Rights

Related to your personal data, there are some rights applicable to you. They include rights to:

  1. Request a personal data copy that we have about you.
  2. Request an update of personal data that we may hold about you, or correction of any data that you feel is incomplete or incorrect.
  3. Request the deletion of the personal data we have about you, or create restrictions on the ways in which such personal data can be used.
  4. Object your personal data processing by us.
  5. Ask that personal data processing be restricted. 
  6. Ask for personal data portability – you can receive your personal data as provided to us in a machine-readable, commonly used, or structured form and then transmit the same to any other data controller.

If you wish to exercise the rights you have, or in case of any queries regarding how we use personal data, you should contact us at: 

info @

Right To Complain

In case you are dissatisfied with how personal information is being handled or with any query about privacy or request that has been raised. In that case, you have the right to make a complaint to any data protection authority where you work or live or places where a data issue occurs may have arisen. 

Changes To The Policy 

Should we update our website, or if the privacy policy gets an update or changes, it will be posted. It is important to do regular checks and always follow our website to ensure you are always updated with our privacy procedures.