Put Your Best Foot Forward with Professional CV and Cover Letter Writers

Your CV and cover letter are two of the most important documents that you’ll ever need to secure your desired career.

They’re an opportunity to pitch your skills to the right people, demonstrate your experience and talent, and show how unique you truly are.

A well-written CV and cover letter can mean the difference between landing the job of your dreams and letting an amazing opportunity slip through your fingers.

Professional CV and cover letter copywriters will optimise your job application essentials and get you noticed by recruiters that can expand your career prospects.

One Step Closer to Success: How Can Freelance CV and Cover Letter Writers Help You?

Applying for a job these days requires a combination of passionate and precise writing, and keyword optimisation. If you want to impress recruiters in your industry, first you need to pass the software test with optimised industry keywords, then it’s time to pass the person test.

Good writing isn’t enough, you need an experienced cover letter and CV writer who knows what recruiters are looking for, and showcase your talent for the right people to see. There are many reasons why a professional English writer with experience crafting optimised CVs and cover letters is important to have by your side, including:

  • Beat the Competition – The average job opening receives 250 CVs and only 2% of applicants are called in for an interview
  • Format is Important – 76% of CVs are rejected if the email address isn’t professional, 88% of CVs are rejected if a photo is included, and a single grammar mistake can lead to rejection
  • Keep Recruiters Engaged – Recruiters look at CVs for just an average of 5-7 seconds
  • Match the Job Description – Up to half of CVs are rejected by talent-management software before anyone reads it, highlighting the importance of CV and cover letter optimisation

An engaging, optimised CV and cover letter gives you a professional edge, makes your CV relevant, and sets you apart from the very crowded market.

How Do Experienced CV and Cover Letter Copywriters Create the Best Job-Search Documents?

A cover letter should be short and precise, introducing you and explaining why you’re interested in a position, whilst briefly describing your experience, goals, and information. A CV is an extension of this and a chance to go into depth about why you’re the best fit for a position. Great CV writers will include your full background, optimised to highlight your talent, and all the information recruiters need to make you their number one choice.

From start to finish, a freelance CV and cover letter writer will be focused on what makes you unique, providing a CV copywriting service with:

  • Perfect formatting
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Faultless grammar and spelling
  • Writing unique to your industry
  • Professional tone of voice
  • Correct content structure
  • Personalised writing
  • In-depth knowledge of recruitment

Don’t settle for second-best, outsource CV and cover letter writing to professional content writers and take control of the future of your career.

Anglo Content: Advance Your Career with Our Freelance CV and Cover Letter Writers

Whether you’re breaking into a new industry, trying to further your career, or just want to be given the opportunity to shine, it all comes down to the impact that your CV and cover letter have on recruiters. A great CV and cover letter copywriter is your ticket to success, and at Anglo Content, it couldn’t be easier to grab it!

We Understand Your Industry

With Anglo Content you can hire a copywriter that knows your industry and how to optimise CV and cover letter writing to speak to professionals and recruiters in your field.

Stand Out from the Crowd

CV and cover letter writing needs to make an impact, something that our freelance content writers and creative copywriters can more than achieve when you buy CVs and cover letters from us.

English Writers with Local Knowledge

The last thing that you want is for your CV or cover letter to lack direction. Hiring an English copywriter means that you get the full benefit of local knowledge.

Experience is Everything

CVs and cover letters need the correct format and the right information, with industry-specific content communicated in a professional tone – skills that our English writers have perfected.

You have the skills and experience in your industry, allow our freelance content writers to put their expertise to work showcasing what makes you the best candidate for your dream job.