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Whether you’re searching for a new job or advertising one, want to engage readers with recruitment trends or capitalise on those trends, you need content that has an impact.

Our expert recruitment and career writers can engage an audience, persuade them, or give them a brand-new outlook – whatever you need to succeed on the job market, or as part of it.

From health and social care, to finance and legal services, our career and recruitment writers have a comprehensive understanding of every industry sector.

We can provide tailored webpages for recruitment websites, press releases for the latest industry news, and technical reports on recruitment trends, in addition to essential job-search documents, from CVs to cover letters.

Your Expertise, Our Talent: Professional Career & Recruitment Writers

In the UK there are more than 750,000 job vacancies, a number which rises to in excess of 6.5 million in the US job market. Despite the abundance of job openings, 45% of recruiters have reported difficulties with finding suitable candidates. Our recruitment and career writing services can help to close the gap by producing career content that increases the visibility of professionals, and recruitment content that appeals to experts in all fields.

Through Anglo Content, you can hire copywriters with skills in many areas of recruitment, including:

From career content for print, to recruitment writing for your website or blog, our industry-experts are on hand to help.

Anglo Content: Career & Recruitment Writing for Individuals and Businesses

The freelance content creators at Anglo Content understand both sides of the career & recruitment industry. We have a thorough understanding of what businesses need to hear when reading CVs and cover letters, and what professionals want to see when they explore a new recruitment service.

Bespoke Industry Career Writing

We make your aspirations the focus of our recruitment & career writing, with unique content tailored to your needs.

Career Writing that Gets Noticed

Our career writers know how to make an impact. You can rest assured that when you buy content from Anglo copywriting services, it’s going to stand out.

Professionalism is a Guarantee

Recruitment writing and career content needs a professional tone. You’ll always get professional writing from our content writers for hire!

English Writers. Local Industry Knowledge

With some of the best English writers & UK copywriters at your fingertips, you can further your goals with expert local and national industry knowledge.

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