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Multiple ways to order

You can either buy an Offer directly from a Seller, post a project with the job specifications to receive proposals, or reach out to a Seller about a custom project to receive a bespoke quote from them.


Provide your content brief

Give as much detailed information as you can to your Seller so they understand exactly what the project entails. You can request a specific style or tone, or even provide examples of what you’d like to see.


Manage the project

The whole process is made as simple as possible from start to finish. Make use of the in-built messaging and chat system to stay in touch with your writer, set a delivery date, and send files or images.


Approve the delivered work

When you are fully satisfied with the content delivered by the Seller, approve the work and release the payment. If changes are needed, simply request revisions. Once the project is finalised, you can leave feedback.


Collaborate effectively with Buyers on their content writing projects


Create an account and services

Showcase your writing abilities to prospective Buyers by creating a memorable profile complete with a portfolio of your written work. Design offers for the types of writing tasks you can offer Buyers.


Communicate with Buyers

Use the in-built messaging system to communicate with your Buyer, finding out everything you need to know before putting pen to paper. Send files to each other and discuss the project in greater detail.


Get to work and deliver on time

Once you’ve been hired, you can begin working on the project right away. Create the content to the best of your ability and according to the Buyer’s specifications, deliver it on time and request payment.

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