Anglo Content Terms of Service is operated by UK incorporated company Anglo Content Limited, with Company Number 11878546

If you continue using our services, you agree to our Terms of service as outlined below (“Terms”). The Terms outlined are to be effective from April 2022. These Terms may be modified at any given time on this page at the discretion of the company Anglo Content Ltd. This may be done without giving users or visitors (collectively Users) of our website any prior notice. To inform themselves about any changes to our Terms, the users should visit the page frequently. If you don’t agree with our Terms, the only solution available to you is discontinuing or ceasing to use the site entirely. Should you keep using the site even after changes have been posted, it is an express acceptance of the changes. All users need to adhere to the policies as outlined on this page. 

The site is made available by Anglo Content as a service to help business entities or individuals seeking content writing services, translation services, editing services, and search engine optimisation services. On the website, it is possible for Buyers to create Requests (Projects) and pay for work done by Sellers. Sellers create Jobs (Offers) and agree to prepare and submit work connected to specific projects, manage projects, and receive compensation for their work on completion.

Services Offered 

Through Anglo Content, Sellers offer their services by creating Jobs (Offers) which are fixed prices determined by the Seller. Sellers can charge any sum they wish for the service they supply. Sellers can also apply to Projects created by Buyers, or work through a Custom Offer, making clear the sum they wish to complete the entire Project for. Anglo Content does not have any control over this process, and Buyers and Sellers can outline the deliverables, pricing, deadlines, and revision requests between themselves. 

We advise Buyers to contact Sellers before making any payment. A Buyer may purchase an Offer from a Seller directly without consulting them first if they can undertake the task. Sellers may cancel the request if they cannot complete the set task after it has been bought without their consultation. Once a mutual agreement has been made to undertake work via a Project, and the requirements outlined by the Buyer, the Buyer makes a deposit into the Anglo Content account, where it is held securely while the work is being undertaken by the Seller.

Sellers must respond to Buyer messages within 24 hours and deliver the work by the mutually agreed deadline. Late delivery of work will affect a Seller’s overall rating which is displayed on their public profile. Once the work has been completed, the Seller must deliver it to the Buyer on or before the set deadline and request a payment release. Sellers must not send a payment request before work is completed and delivered. Buyers have 72 hours to review the work and request revisions, after which time the Project is automatically completed, and the funds are released to the Seller.

Revision Terms

Sellers are obliged to provide the Buyer with one round of reasonable revisions on any work delivered as standard without additional reimbursement. Any additional revisions are chargeable by the Seller should they wish to do so, the price of which must be outlined in their Offers or before work is commenced.

The Buyer must provide clear, specific, and helpful direction to the Seller when requesting revisions on any content. Revisions cannot be requested when they are out of the scope of the original brief given in the Project unless further compensation is made to the Seller for the revisions, or the Seller agrees to undertake them without compensation.

It is at the Seller’s discretion whether to undertake further revisions to the delivered work, with or without reimbursement, after the 72-hour period has passed.

Refund Terms

Anglo Content always encourages Buyers and Sellers to come to a mutual agreement regarding refunding work. However, Anglo Content does offer an Arbitration service. 

All Sellers on the Anglo Content website have been vetted to ensure a consistently high level of quality for each project; however, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the work produced after one round of revisions has been completed by the Seller, Buyers may request a full or partial refund.

Each refund request received will be carefully reviewed. The Anglo Content Team will decide based on the final work, after revisions have been made, compared to the initial brief given by the Buyer. If a full refund is given, the Buyer no longer possesses the work as their own intellectual property and remains the Seller’s intellectual property, to do with as they wish, including the ability to receive compensation for it from another party. If a Buyer does use the work delivered once a full refund has been given to them, the Seller is within their rights to send cease and desist letters, take legal action and/or file a DMCA takedown notice against the offending website.  

A Buyer is eligible for a full funds refund, minus fees, in the circumstances below:

  • – The Seller fails to respond within 48 hours after the project commences.
  • – Non-delivery of the work by the set deadline without an accepted extension request.
  • – Work delivered is clearly not within the scope of the Buyer’s initial requirements.
  • – Work delivered by Seller has substantial plagiarism detected.

Anglo Content resolves all refunds and reversals directly through the mechanisms in place on the platform, which may include a refund directly from our PayPal account. Buyers should avoid requesting a payment reversal directly using their credit card, debit card, bank account, or PayPal account and filing a dispute. Attempts made to seek an alternative refund in such a manner against Anglo Content will lead to the automatic temporary suspension of the Buyer’s account.

Anglo Content offers a mutual cancellation mechanism on the platform, where both parties agree to cancel the project. In the event of mutual cancellation, the original site fee taken from the Buyer will not be refunded, only the initial cost of the project minus fees.

Copyright Terms

When the buyer accepts the Seller’s service, and after the complete payment has been made for that work, Anglo Content Limited at this point irrevocably and automatically assigns all interest, title, and rights all over the world to and in the Intellectual Property Rights concerning such work fully to the person who buys it (Buyer). Seller acknowledges and agrees that Anglo Content has no liability under any given circumstance to other parties, including the Buyer, for exemplary, special, consequential, incidental, indirect, or direct damages that may result concerning or arising from any project. You will hold full copyright to the Seller’s content developed for you and delivered as per the agreed Terms. On completion of payment, the Seller will hold no copyright whatsoever on the work unless otherwise agreed, and you are free to publish and use it as per your wish.

Payment Terms

The Anglo Content Site allows Buyers to complete service payments as Seller’s offer. When Buyers and Sellers utilise the Payment Gateway to settle service fees, processing fees and credits, Anglo Content stands as an agent, but this is based on what you require and the tasks you direct us to handle on your behalf.

Please note that Anglo Content does not function as a bank, meaning that any amounts of cash stored or transferred in our PayPal account cannot be assumed to be insured deposits because they are not. We do not store customer credit card details. Funds held by Anglo Content are not insured or covered by FSCS or other governmental companies or agencies. 

Buyers and Sellers will not receive interest or other earnings on the funds in their account. Using the payment service includes an agreement to pay authorised amounts that we will charge to your account and your PayPal account, bank account, debit card, or credit card, regardless of where you are purchasing from. In case such payments are authorised, they are final. 

Anglo Content has a right to pursue refunds from you. If this happens, you must reimburse us if we discover duplicate or erroneous transactions or if Anglo Content gets charged back by sellers or buyers’ debit or credit card company, PayPal, or bank, for whichever reason. In this case, you agree to Anglo Content’s right to get the reimbursement as stipulated above by making changes to your account, making deductions from future withdrawals or payments, charging the reimbursement from your credit card, or getting reimbursed using any other applicable lawful means. Should you fail to pay for such a reimbursement facilitated by chargebacks, your account will be terminated. 

Currency amounts displayed on the Site are monitored and updated every hour via a paid subscription to Open Exchange Rate Application Programming Interface. Due to this, offer prices are expected to fluctuate from their base currency on an hourly basis to reflect the change in exchange rates. Our Payment Service currently operates in Pound Sterling only; therefore, Anglo Content cannot be held responsible for cases where currency fluctuations occur when a debit or credit card is being credited or billed denominated in any other currency, nor is Anglo Content to be held responsible for any currency fluctuations which occur as you send and receive money through an automated clearinghouse, wire transfer, or cheque from and to your account in your country of origin.

For security reasons, Anglo Content reserves the right to request additional information from Buyers and Sellers, including original documents, and contact issuing institutions to verify documents. This means that we have a right to ask for identity proofs; a copy of a government-issued ID (Passport, Driver’s License, or National ID Card); a copy of a recent utility bill showing your name and address (less than 3 months old); a Credit or Debit Card Bank Statement of the card used on your Anglo Content account (less than 3 months old). For Security Compliance, you must blank out the central 8 digits of the card number digits; PayPal Account statement showing your PayPal registered name, email address, verification status, and any relevant transactions.

Anglo Content holds the right at its discretion to hold funds to facilitate the clearance of the Buyer’s payments, or in case Anglo Content has suspicion that such monies involved may be subject to chargeback or dispute or there is suspected fraud, Anglo Content shall release the hold when it is practical at the soonest opportunity. Buyers and Sellers acknowledge that Anglo Content earns its fees through commission on transactions on the Site. 

Withdrawals from a Buyer account may only be made to their PayPal account, even if the amount of credit on the site account was originally deposited via a bank transfer top up. This is because Anglo Content Ltd can only receive bank transfer payments from Buyers, but not send them. No withdrawal can be requested by a Buyer or a Seller which is lower than £25.

Buyers agree not to take any action directly or indirectly to circumvent these fees. If a Seller solicits payment from a Buyer outside the Site, whether verbally on a phone or video call or in written form via methods such as direct email, text messaging, or via a social media profile such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, as a Buyer, you agree to notify Anglo Content immediately. 

Sellers agree that no action shall be taken indirectly or directly to evade the platform fees, whether directly or indirectly. Sellers also agree to notify Anglo Content immediately if a Buyer seeks to make a payment outside the website, whether verbally on a phone or video call or in written form via direct email, text messaging, or via a social media profile like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Sellers also agree to utilise Anglo Content to receive payments from Buyer’s you have identified or who have identified you on our Site. 

Direct payments, or reasonably suspected offers of direct payments, made between Buyer and Seller outside of the payment mechanisms offered by the Anglo Content platform will constitute a breach of Anglo Content Terms of Service. They will result in the immediate termination of both of the offending party’s account. Buyers and Sellers who have had their account terminated for this reason may not rejoin the Anglo Content Site again at any point in the future.

Anglo Content takes no responsibility for the outcome of the collaboration, including but not limited to issues with communication, quality of work or non-payment issues should work be undertaken away from the Site mechanisms.

The Obligations And Eligibility Of The User

Anglo Content is meant to be used only by individuals who are eighteen years and above or by legal entities, and access, use, or registration to our site by persons under eighteen is unlicensed and unauthorised. It is in total violation of our Terms of service herein. When you use our website, you warrant and represent (individually) that you are eighteen years and above and that you will abide by all the set Terms and conditions in this agreement. Anglo Content has the right to terminate your Offer or Project and any work or any information posted by a seller on the website and/or prohibits users from accessing or using the site for different reasons at any one given time at its discretion, which can be without or with notice, without limitation if there is a belief that the said user is below the age of 18 years. 

At its discretion, Anglo Content has all the rights and can terminate, suspend, or refuse service to anybody for any given reason or for no reason. For Buyers, multiple agents may use the same email account provided that the company name is displayed. If an agent is authorised to gain access to a user’s account, they have to act within the set terms and are completely bound by these terms. It will be the full responsibility of the User, who shall be fully liable for the different acts conducted by the agent while accessing the User’s account. The Users shall be responsible solely for maintaining and safeguarding email confidentiality to their accounts. If any action is conducted on the user’s behalf, it shall be considered the actions of the registered user and their specific email address. 

Accounts Termination

Anglo Content may terminate an order at any given time for transmitting or sending through or to this site any hateful, threatening, defamatory, harassing, harmful, infringing, unlawful, or questionable material despite its kind, or any material that may cause delay or harm to the site or any type of computer, and any advertising that is unsolicited, promotional or solicitation materials; affiliation or identity misrepresentation in different ways; inhibiting, discouraging, or restricting anyone from using the site, disclosure of any personal information obtained or from or on this site, the collection of information regarding this site’s users; decompiling or disassembling any technology or part on the site, reverse engineering, or any attempt to carry out any of the above; unauthorised access to information that is personally identifiable, names, user accounts, site, or sites or computers which are linked or connected to this website; using or launching automated systems, that may include and without limitation offline readers, spiders or robots to access the site in a way that sends more requests messages at a given time compared to what a human can produce reasonably within that exact period using conventional browsers; transmitting or sending through or to this site unsolicited messages, chain letters, phishing or spamming messages, or any messages that are meant for advertising or marketing services and goods; violation of these Terms, regulations, or any laws as applicable; and permitting or assisting anyone in engaging in any of the activities mentioned above. 

Seller Contract

Sellers are freelance agents, are at all times independent of Anglo Content, and shall not at any time be considered an employee of Anglo Content Limited. All Sellers are independent contractors and consent to such designation through these Terms. Accordingly, Sellers shall not be entitled to benefits offered to Anglo Content employees. 

Sellers shall be solely responsible for all taxes, VAT, license fees, invoice charges, and business expenses incurred on behalf of the Sellers. Buyer and Seller agree to indemnify Anglo Content for any taxes or penalties imposed on Anglo Content by virtue of the purchase and sale of services between them on this Site. 

Anglo Content evaluates each Seller by reviewing materials (i.e., resumes, writing samples, educational background, content writing experience, Skype interview) submitted by a Seller on the application that will allow Anglo Content to assess that particular Seller’s education, background, skill set concerning their desired category work, native language level, country of residence and expertise. Anglo Content reserves the right to refuse any Seller application based on one or more of the above factors. 

Sellers on Anglo Content should always aim to deliver a high quality of work that wholly meets their Buyer’s requirements, is free of errors, and is of a standard consistent with the expertise demonstrated in the Seller’s Project application, Offer, portfolio, and profile. 

Sellers themselves will make all required legal and tax filings. If relevant, you will file all necessary legal documentation relating to your self-employment required by any governmental body and pay all applicable taxes without limitation PAYE or other income tax and national insurance due in your country. 

Ratings and Reviews

A review is published on the User profile page when both parties (Buyer and Seller) leave their feedback. After completion of the project, and the Buyer has paid the Seller, both parties need to provide a feedback as well as a 1-5 rating. This rating has an influence on every user’s Anglo Content ranking. 

The parties involved have to complete the feedback very honestly. There should be no coercion, manipulation, or falsification of feedback by threatening negative feedback or offering incentives in exchange for positive feedback. If these types of attempts exist, they need to be reported as soon as possible to the Anglo Content Team. If any of the feedback comments are reported to us as being offensive, abusive, or defamatory, it will be reviewed and may be removed at our discretion if deemed unjust.

Fee Structure

Anglo Content aims to keep the fee structure of the Site as simple as possible for both Buyer and Seller.

The Buyer processing fees are for the use of Anglo Content as an intermediate platform. They do not reflect the outcome of any Seller collaboration and are not eligible for refund.

All purchases on the Site by Buyers are charged a processing fee of 7.5%

Seller fees from projects with buyers are fixed at 15%. Sellers may also purchase a variety of Features, so their Offer appears more prominently on the Site, increasing the potential to be seen and purchased by prospective Buyers.

Contacting the Website

All correspondence should be directed to: info @