Establish Authority in Your Industry with Freelance White Paper Writers

White papers are factual, logical essays with the main purpose of promotion, putting them in a crucial position within the B2B buying process.

You can use white papers to inform and persuade decision-makers or help business professionals to solve problems – they’re an immensely valuable asset to have.

These educational documents are unlike any other form of content marketing in their format, or in what they can achieve for your business.

A great white paper writer creates a narrative, and then describes the key features of a new product, makes recommendations for new solutions, or highlights the main points of a problem.

When you outsource white paper writing to the professionals, you improve reader engagement, increase lead generation, and boost your level of industry influence.

Why Is It Popular to Outsource White Paper Writing?

Successful white papers can be long or short, multi-coloured or monochromatic; they can be any style that you decide will be best for your business. However, excellent white paper writing always comes from a professional white paper writer that knows how to promote products, services, and solutions with confidence and authority.

Here’s how businesses and individuals benefit when they buy white papers from the experts:

  • B2B Buyer Attraction – 79% of B2B buyers are more likely to share white papers with their colleagues over any other material
  • Reader Engagement – An average of 68% of white paper readers contact organisations for more information
  • Higher Buyer Registration – 76% of buyers will register and share information for white papers
  • Popular Format – 65% of B2B marketer’s use white papers or eBooks in their content marketing strategy
  • Influential – 78% of B2B buyers use white papers when researching purchasing decisions

If you want to keep decision-makers, users, and recommenders up to date with the latest trends, provide quality information about products and solutions, or give clear justification in the buying process, then a freelance white paper writer can help.

How Do White Paper Copywriters Create Excellent Reports?

White papers can take a hundred different forms, so pinning down the ‘perfect’ style of white paper writing is not always easy. A great white paper should be educational and factual, with information that the reader finds useful to their particular problem or their decision-making process. An experienced white paper writer will always make sure that when you buy white papers, you receive content that includes:

  • Extensive Industry research
  • Focused content
  • Authoritative language
  • Understanding of technical terms
  • Persuasive writing style
  • 100% unique content
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Perfect formatting

If you’re trying to market a technical, complicated product, then a white paper produced by talented English copywriters is one of the most effective forms of content marketing.

Anglo Content: Expert White Paper Writing for Every Purpose

Quality whitepaper writing is a soft and subtle sell, created through a combination of exhaustive research and academic writing to increase business credibility and establish authority in an industry. White papers are your chance to show your business and solutions off in the best light and impress other industry professionals, which is where it really pays to enlist the help of a white paper writer with a real prowess for producing excellent content.

Lasting Impressions

Where a solution is required, you have room to create an impact. A professional content writer knows how to deliver content that leaves a lasting impression.

Give Your White Paper Authority

Professionals seek out white papers when they need solutions, with a talented freelance white paper writer, you can answer the needs of businesses in your industry.

Hire Copywriters in Your Niche

For factual information that helps professionals to visualise solutions, a skilled English writer that has a thorough understanding of your industry is invaluable.

From Concept to Delivery

White paper writing is a long and complicated process. Our freelance content writers can take your white paper from the original concept through to completion.

Educate, influence, and sell, for higher lead generation and influential copy that establishes your business as a trusted brand for products, services, and solutions, Anglo Content copywriting services has you covered.