Head On – The Start Up thats turning heads




May 22, 2023

The article has to have an informative and authentic feel about it. Talking about it as a start up (January '23 launched), It has already achieved 50,000+ Installs & 1000+ positive reviews.

The app helps with facing anxiety, panic, stress and many more. It offers what you need in the moment quick and easy exercises to help you get over the finish line. With animations and voiceovers to also guide you.

Co-founders Psychologist & Founder of Headstrong Counselling Anne-Sophie Bammens & Marketing Expert Samuel Ade.

The app is completely free.

"In a fast-paced world where stress is the norm, having an app in your pocket that can help manage and alleviate those feelings can be a game-changer. Its about providing tools and techniques at the touch of a button" - Anne-Sophie Bammens


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May 20, 2023