Why Your Website Content Is More Important Than You Know

Creating a website for an online business or traditional business is a massive milestone with a lot of potential, so finding a great website copywriter is an essential. A great website can mean incredible things for the growth and success of virtually any type of business and helps you to pave the way when it comes to sharing your brand and your goals.

When you first created your website, you probably had grand ideas for how it would look, how much traffic it would get and what this would mean for your sales. But did you consider the amount of time, energy and website copywriter expertise that would be needed to make it happen? If the results aren’t what you envisioned, then there could be many things to blame; one of the most likely culprits is your content.

The harsh reality is that you’re constantly in direct and indirect competition with just under 2 billion other websites! The internet is a big place and competition for the attention of users is fierce, with many websites being left without the traffic needed to make a difference to the owner’s business.

Don’t feel disheartened – this doesn’t mean that you can’t have your share of audience attention if you are achieving the best content for your brand. By hiring a website copywriter to create compelling and converting website content, you can bring your website back on track and start enjoying greater traffic, more brand loyalty and better sales figures.

Your Website Content is the Face of Your Brand

The simple answer to why you should be creating great website content is because it’s your website and part or all of your income is riding on its success. Whether you’re promoting your services, selling products or earning revenue from ads or affiliate links, the success of your endeavours comes down to people finding and visiting your website (and what you do with that traffic).

Great content gets people through the door and gives them the incentive to stick around, especially when you appeal to them as individuals with content that they are looking for. You only have to ask yourself whether you would stay on a website if it had barely any information and if what was there was boring and littered with spelling mistakes, to see what a difference content can make.

When you visit this type of website, it’ll be clear straight away that nobody has put in the time to craft valuable and unique content that creates a great user experience. If there’s nothing useful on offer, then you have no reason to think highly of the brand or any incentive to interact with them again.

It’s also true that when a person is close to a brand then it can be hard to be objective about what is lacking or accept that you may not be the best person to complete the work.

Ultimately, as a website copywriter (whether as a professional or the CEO of the company) you should be creating or sourcing compelling and unique content simply because it shows your brand off in the best light and makes consumers what to learn more. Your website is the first impression you’re giving to visitors – make it a good one and the rewards will be plentiful!

Next time you wonder whether good website content makes a difference, just remember that 59% of Brits won’t buy from a company that has poor grammar/spelling mistakes on their website! This figure alone gives a clear picture of what you may need to do to get the traffic flowing again.

A Website Copywriter Takes Visitors on an Important Journey

High-quality website copywriting combined with a healthy dose of SEO will get visitors through the door, and then give them a warm welcome, pique their interest and sell them something they want. The benefit of content that converts is conversions! More sales mean more revenue, which means faster growth and more success – everything a business and website owner is looking for!

The content on your website can play an important role in every stage of the sales funnel. You’ll want to mix things up a bit with different types of content, but if you focus on producing content that builds awareness, gets your readers interested, helps them to make a decision and then take action, you could be in for quite the surge in leads and conversions!

A website copywriter is an incredible tool for getting consumers to take action, whether it’s parting with their contact information at the awareness stage or purchasing a product/service at the action stage. There is an opportunity to convert your website visitors at every stage of their visit, as long as you have maximised the content they are accessing.

You have a great opportunity to fill your website with the kind of content that visitors are looking for to aid the buyer’s journey. You can add customer testimonials as social proof, create a blog and fill it with problem-solving posts or write an eBook to compel visitors to sign up. The opportunities for compelling content are endless if you are willing to invest in your website’s success.

Even just optimising your main pages is a great way to create engagement and trust and increase sales. When your service pages are informative with a strong call to action, your product descriptions are valuable with creative copywriting, and your homepage is descriptive and entertaining with a clear format, you’ll be on to a winning combination.

Before 47% of buyers ever engage with a sales rep, they view between 3 and 5 pieces of content – there’s absolutely no reason why some/all of that content can’t be on your website.

Website Content Has Immense Longevity

The longevity of website content is simply outstanding! Unlike emails and social media post writing that you need to produce constantly, main pages – like service and product pages – rarely need alterations. Your website content should be updated every now and again, but once you’ve got the basics in place, your investment is just going to keep paying out without much being paid in.

You can enjoy somewhat similar longevity from other website content, like blog post writing. You may need blog posts on a more regular basis than service pages, but when you invest in quality, they’ll continue to engage and assist visitors for a long time to come. Quality blogs are not just well written, they are thoughtful, provocative, and enticing all without being too demanding or sales-focused.

The higher the quality of your blog posts, the more likely readers are to share them on social media or link to them and contribute to the growth of your audience, giving you a whole new audience without having to lift a finger. Plus, when your posts are evergreen, all you need to do is schedule an annual page update for the content to be refreshed and ready to share again.

When you produce great content writing, you’re increasing the usability of your website, giving consumers a reason to make a purchase and setting yourself apart from your competition. All of these benefits are virtually passive, as once your website content is up to scratch, it’s not going to be taking up much of your time!

At Anglo Content, we understand the great importance of compelling, converting website content and what it can mean for the future of a business. When you buy website content from one of our website copywriters, we’ll deliver quality copy with real longevity and excellent engagement potential.

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