15 Types Of Web Content Copywriting For Online Businesses

Consumers are out there waiting to buy your product or service; all you need is the right web content copywriting to communicate with them.

It sounds easy, but the path to successful marketing is lined with potential pitfalls. From targeting too broad of an audience to not exploring different marketing activities, there are a lot of mistakes to be made.

By producing a wide variety of web content copywriting, you can avoid common problems and navigate buyers through the sales funnel, giving them the information they need at each stage of their buying journey.

If you are keen to start taking advantage of marketing opportunities then take a look at these 15 web content copywriting types that your business could be exploring and start improving the success of your content marketing strategy today:

  • Blog Posts

Blog posts are a true powerhouse of content marketing: they’re flexible and versatile and can easily convey a diverse range of information to all kinds of audiences. From following a strong SEO strategy to supplying targeted information, they really are an asset to any business. Great blog content writing makes consumers sit up and take notice – businesses with a blog have 434% more indexed pages, generate 126% more leads, and have 97% more indexed and inbound links.

  • Product Descriptions

Product descriptions can make a sale, break a sale, or make a sale and then break it – customers will often return a product they have purchased online due to inaccurate descriptions. With compelling and informative product description writing, consumers will be left in no doubt that your products can provide the solutions to their problems. 87% of consumers believe that complete, accurate, and rich product content plays a very important role in helping them to decide which products to buy.

  • Landing Pages

For a boost in lead generation, optimised landing page writing is a winning investment. Create 31 to 40 landing pages and you could soon be enjoying 7x more leads; make that 40+, and the increase jumps to 12x. Short and directed landing pages help to focus readers by removing distractions and making desired actions clear. You can also look forward to gathering key consumer information to add to mailing lists for later use.

  • SEO Articles

75% of people only use the first page of results on search engines, so great SEO is essential for driving traffic to your website and building brand visibility. If you are not sure of the best way to move to an SEO focused strategy, there are some great professional SEO content writing services that can help you to  create trust, improve credibility, increase user experience, and boost engagement.

  • eBooks

Short, long, entertaining, informative: an eBook can take many forms in a successful marketing campaign. eBooks are a powerful tool that plays an important role in improving brand trust, growing email marketing lists, and demonstrating subject authority. You can offer it as a free gift to subscribers or share it via social media and other channels to garner more traffic. Plus, you can also segment the content to give you smaller blogs that can be rewritten and repurposed on your site.

  • Case Studies

More in-depth than customer reviews and full of useful information and social proof, case studies are a brilliant way to increase consumer understanding – it’s no wonder why B2B marketers consider case studies to be one of the most effective marketing strategies! Share your journey with your product and the outcomes you achieved with a specific client so that prospective clients can get a sense of what to expect when they choose you over your competitors.

  • Website Content

It’s not good enough just to have web content copywriting, you need great content to attract and retain an audience. Investing in quality content marketing is not only more affordable than traditional marketing, but it can generate 3x more leads. Your website is the online face of your brand – an opportunity to showcase some incredible content! Why not invest in a copywriting service to polish your current site and help you take it to the next level?

  • Videos

Used by 87% of online marketers, named as the best ROI content by 51% of professional marketers, and with the ability to increase organic SERP traffic by 157%, the stats alone demonstrate the immense value of video content. Videos and explainers are a brilliant way to engage a modern audience with content that’s informative, trustworthy, and highly sharable. You can choose to create a narrated video, host it yourself or even create an animated video to share – the possibilities are endless!

  • Brochures

Small but powerful, there’s nothing quite like a brochure to capture the attention of an audience. Research from 2018 shows that during trips, 79% of visitors pick up at least one brochure, 85% of visitors plan a trip to an attraction/business after getting a brochure, and 73% of visitors consider changing their plans due to a brochure. Brochures are cost-effective, versatile, and perfect for marketing your business to a larger audience.

  • Online Courses

By 2025, it’s estimated that e-learning will be worth $325 billion, so there’s no better time to capitalise on the surging popularity of online courses by creating your own. An online course that offers true value to your audience could earn you a passive income and drive a substantial amount of traffic to your website.

  • Social Media Posts

Social media platforms are the perfect place to connect with an enormous audience – approximately 63% of the world’s population use the internet and 58.7% are active users of social media! Regular, engaging social media post writing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other major platforms will keep your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

  • White Papers

With 79% of B2B buyers naming white papers as their content of choice to share with colleagues, can you really afford to ignore this traditional but effective content type? White papers are comprehensive, authoritative, and persuasive, making them the ideal content investment to turn your business into an influencer.

  • Technical Content

Technical content is one of the best types of content to support business growth, so it’s no surprise that the demand for technical writers is high! Professional technical writing services can do everything from increasing customer satisfaction to decreasing demands on technical support.

  • Emails & Newsletters

Email content and newsletters are cost-effective, action oriented, and easily customisable to fit your goals, not to mention vastly popular – 77% of B2B marketers use email to share content and 79% find this to be the most effective form of content distribution.

  • Repurposed Content

Repurposing content is a smart way to consistently publish great content on a budget. Nearly 60% of marketers repost content between 2 and 5 times and save a considerable about of time and money in the process. You can turn an article into an infographic, a blog into a video, or an online course into an eBook – the possibilities of content rewriting are endless!

Will you need all 15 types of content? Possibly not, but there’s much to gain by testing out different types of content to see which styles engage your audience the most.

If you want to introduce more types of content into your marketing strategy, Anglo Content offers a whopping 50 different writing services to capture the attention of your audience and effectively increase brand awareness.

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