Common Copywriting Techniques To Boost Conversion

If you’re promoting a product or service online, then you have to create a marketing strategy for an online audience. You can’t have a salesman on hand to turn a lead into a conversion; what you have instead is a copywriting service courtesy of a talented writer.

Copywriters are online salesman and copy is their pitch.

Mastering the art of copywriting is akin to having the best salesman in your industry talking to consumers around the clock. Copy is the ultimate tool of persuasion that’s always ready to make a sale.

Great sales writing will lead to conversions, but the question on many marketers’ lips is: What constitutes a great copywriting service?

A successful copywriting service from a freelance writer creates persuasive writing that has all the correct elements in place to make the biggest impact. Here are six ways to create impactful copy and improve your copywriting for maximum conversions:

Capture the Attention of an Audience with Irresistible Headlines

For effective copywriting, you should never undervalue the power of a compelling headline. A headline is all the information readers have initially to decide whether to read or share your content. Headlines hold an incredible amount of influence over consumer actions: 59% of shared links on social media are based entirely on headlines, without the sharers ever reading the content.

The phrasing of your headline can determine how much engagement you get. Take these two headlines as an example:

“I tried running: Here’s what happened next”

 “8 running tips that will make you a pro”

According to BuzzSumo’s analysis of 100 million headlines, a headline that includes will make you, gets 8 times as many Facebook engagements on average compared to a headline that includes what happened next.

A headline that’s too enticing to ignore is the single most important element of successful copywriting.

Leave Readers Wanting More with Suspenseful Cliffhangers

You’ve hooked a reader with an irresistible headline, now what? The ultimate goal is for the reader to reach the end of your article and be so intrigued or satisfied that they complete your desired action. For this, cliffhangers come in handy.

A copywriting service worth their salt will seek to include well-placed cliffhanger keeps your audience interested. There are many ways to deliver suspense to readers: make a joke, build their curiosity, amaze them, instil doubt, or purposefully leave an essential bit of information out. Cliffhangers introduce drama in order to create a higher degree of engagement. 

Once you’ve mastered the art of cliffhangers, you’ll be one step closer to getting maximum conversions; but there’s plenty more you can do, including a way to improve conversions by 202%…

A Good Copywriting Service Will Solve Your Reader’s Problems

Once you’ve got the attention of your audience, it’s time to show that you have the answer to their unique problems. For this, you have to know the ins and outs of what you’re selling and who you’re selling to.

Take the previous headline example: 8 running tips that will make you a pro. The audience are people who want to get better at running, the problem is not being able to run well, and the solution is a product or service – this could be a pair of running shoes or a session with a personal trainer.

By understanding an audience’s wants and needs and what makes them passionate, it’s easy to tailor your content specifically to them. You can isolate the problems they’re having and promise to solve them using simple, specific and targeted writing. When producing unique content for a specific audience, promote the benefits and features of your product in a way that resonates with them.

For business to consumer or business to business copywriting, always remember that successful copy is, without doubt, the solution to the reader’s problems.

Evoke an Emotional Response

Emotions are a major influencer in what consumers purchase, and as such, they have a massive impact on copywriting conversion rates. If your copywriting service delivers content which is upbeat, exciting and personal, then it’s going to elicit the same feelings in your audience, making them more open to investing in what you have to offer.

Many consumers make decisions based on emotions and not just information. Using positive words in your content and keeping things conversational with a little humour thrown in are great ways to get your readers engaged and make a positive decision. 

As well as working with emotional triggers, it’s essential to produce credible copywriting. Consumers need to trust what they’re reading – 73% of consumers care more about transparency than price!

Don’t forget that many readers will seek to find proof that you are correct by checking other sources, if they find that you are not being accurate, you are far less likely to get the conversions you need. The truth is essential, you just need to wrap it up in the best way possible to please your readers.

Optimise the Structure and Format of Your Content

Copywriting may be sales writing, but every sentence shouldn’t be a pitch. Storytelling with a beginning, middle and end is a common aspect of successful creative writing that has been written for your specific audience.

Telling a story is an easy way to communicate your solutions: you can create obstacles and goals, with a hero to overcome and achieve them. This process also gives your copywriting direction – the reader shouldn’t ever be confused by the conclusion to your copy!

Imagine ending 8 running tips that will make you a pro, with a sales pitch for a desk: it just wouldn’t make sense and this confusion would lead to a lack of trust in what you have to offer.

Great copywriting is structured but also formatted for a pleasant reading experience so that your readers feel a sense of satisfaction when they take the time to read what you have to say. 

When it comes to maintaining your reader’s attention, you can use bold headings that split up the content or bullet lists that immediately capture attention and hammer home facts or features.

80% of people skim content, so a block of text just isn’t going to cut it! Take the time to chunk your content and you can be sure that it will get your readers to stick with your content until the end.

End Your Copy with A Killer Call-to-Action

You’ve told your readers everything they need to hear, now you need to close the deal with a killer call-to-action (CTA): the cherry on top of the sales cake. For maximum conversions, you should never be afraid to ask for what you want.

However, just having a CTA isn’t good enough if you want exceptional conversion rates. In HubSpot’s analysis of 330,000 CTAs, they discovered that a personalised CTA is 202% better at converting readers.

The actionable step at the end of the copy is your opportunity to tell readers – in concise and assertive words – exactly what you want them to do. A CTA should be direct and free of jargon, preferably with a big red button that screams ‘press here for the solutions to your problems.

You can even boost your chances of closing a sale by giving the reader more value with promotions or freebies. Just remember to keep your CTA specific, actionable and measurable.

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